is a half-hour television show I produced for Boise’s public access channel for two years. It was a variety show, usually including movies about my travels, a joke, and whatever else I found interesting. I produced it using a pocket camera and my iMac. Filling a half hour every week for two years got me exploring a lot of things.

The INDEX OF TV TOPICS at the top left of this page is a list of every topic the TV show covered. After the topic is the number of the show it is in.

The LIST OF TV SHOWS & WATCH is where you find the shows and can click to watch them.

DVD MOVIES are movies on DVD that I stitched together from the TV show, so the entire topic is in one piece.

BOOKS & ARTICLES are books and booklets I’ve published. I also freelance for Idaho Magazine and the articles they have published are listed here.

Also, I am writing a blog. Mostly stories of my hitch hiking around the country from 1969 – 1972, but I toss in other important (?) stuff, too.



If you want a copy of any of this material, including TV shows on a disk, feel free to write me at: