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 Boise High Defines A Frontier Town

Including 74 historic and contemporary photographs, this book covers the history of building, heating, and renovating Boise High — and takes us to hidden corners to see the workings of one of the West’s living monuments to liberty and equal opportunity for all.


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 Geothermal Development

in Boise, Idaho, 1890 – 1983

The story of building the world’s first community geothermal space heating system. Water wars! An elegant Natatorium! Three entire systems and expanding! Historic and contemporary photos.

13 page, 8.5×7 inch book

Available online HERE



What the Bible actually says about homosexuality and some historical contexts.

Used by the Bishop of Idaho’s Episcopal Diocese to educate his clergy.

14 page, 8.5×3.5 inch booklet



A concise history of compiling the Bible.

11 page, 8.5×3.5 inch booklet




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Idaho Magazine — October 2006 — Volume 6 Number 1

Idaho has enjoyed the head lines and company of at least two men named Johnny-Behind-the-Rocks. THe records say one met a violent end being hung for having murdered himself (yes!). A woman was involved. The other avoided women altogether (they were “too dirty”) and lived a long, peaceful life until he died at ninety when he was forced to take a bath.

Celebration Park

Idaho Magazine — November 2006 — Volume 6 Number 2

“Down along the slumbering banks of the Snake River south of Melba lies Idaho’s first Archeological State Park. Featuring gigantic gravel scattered after the catastrophic draining of Lake Bonneville some 14,500 years ago, an array of petroglyphs left by native tribes over several millennia, the historic Guffey Bridge, and the echoes of Idaho’s mining past, Celebration Park is an interesting and eclectic window into Idaho’s past.”

My Dad’s Milk Toast

Idaho Magazine — February 2007 — Volume 6 Number 5

Getting hungry for a treat from the past.

Boise Ground Zero

Idaho Magazine — August 2007 — Volume 6 Number 11

“In its earliest days, Boise was built around the corner of 8th and Main, the heart of town. This was the site of its most prominent hotel, and, later, one of its most important buildings. Over the years of urban renewal nightmares and a revivified downtown, this corner has retained great symbolic importance, even as it remains idle and unoccupied.”

June Purcell: Straight Shooter in a Skirt

Idaho Magazine — January 2008 — Volume 7 Number 4

“At a time when the idea of women working outside of the home was controversial, June Purcell was competing in shooting events nationwide—often against men—and winning. Her story is one of perseverance, grace, courage, and character, all wrapped up inside a personality that is a true Idaho original.”

A Temple of Light: Restoring Our Beautiful Capitol Building

Idaho Magazine — March 2008 — Volume 7 Number 6

“Idaho’s iconic domed Capitol is, perhaps, the most recognizable building in the state. The seat of government since 1912, it is fast approaching a century of service, and was beginning to show its age. At present, it is undergoing extensive renovations, and, in pictures and words, we have this opportunity to see how the work is progressing.”

Wings & Annex: The State Capitol

Idaho Magazine — July 2008 — Volume 7 NUmber 10

Adding wings to the Capitol and remodeling the Federal Building and the Ada County Courthouse to State offices. “The picturesque and carefully maintained grounds on either side of Idaho’s Statehouse are gone, and an enlarged and renewed Capitol takes shape in their places. We take a look behind the chain link fences to explore the new additions to the old building, and examine the temporary quarters occupied by the Legislature and the displaced state agencies.”

House of Stone

Idaho Magazine — November 2008 — Volume 8 Number 2

My Mother’s childhood in their stone house outside of King Hill.

Annals of Justice:

Idaho Magazine — May 2009 — Volume 8 Number 8

“Judge Boomer of Valley County and me; guilty as sin, the culprit lunches with His Honor.”

Worst Guy on the Team

Idaho Magazine — April 2011 — Volume 10 Number 7

A basketball highlight is the only good thing to come from my being the last guy chosen in any sport during 10th grade gym class, yet the dreaded requirement led to a lifetime of exercise.

The Kid and the Gun

Idaho Magazine — November 2010 — Volume 10, Number 2

“A Sheepherder in the 1930s Encounters Backcountry Trouble.”

A Spirited Teapot

Idaho Magazine — June 2013 — Volume 12, Number 9

A most delightful teapot transforms a rusting water tower in Spirit Lake and expresses a daughter’s love.

King Hill

Idaho Magazine — August 2013 — Volume 12 Number 11

King Hill and the bizarre irrigation district that crosses the Snake River three times. Many stories reflect the passage of the Oregon Trail, the Kelton Stage and 100 years of creating a desert oasis. The irrigation system has a very odd contraption for cleaning alga. Check it out.

Riding the Top Twenty-Eight

Idaho Magazine — September 2013 — Volume 12 Number 12

Joining Friends of the Weiser River Trail to ride down the trail’s first twenty-eight miles, through forested canyons to Council.

Idaho’s Initial Point

Idaho Magazine — April 2014 — Volume 13 Number 7

Exploring the single point from which all of Idaho is surveyed.

Tumbleweed Tinder

Idaho Magazine — June 2014 — Volume 13 Number 9

It turns out tumbleweeds across the road are not good if your aim is to keep your car from being engulfed in flames.

• Conversation with a Fish

Idaho Magazine — February 2015 — Volume 14 Number 5
Goldfish say thanks for timely heat.

The Greatest of Ease

Idaho Magazine — March 2015 — Volume 14 Number 6

A daring squirrel outsmarts my superior bird feeder protection and greatly enjoys my reaction.

• The Daylilies

August 2015 — Volume 14 Number 11

My little boy heart was so sad at thinned daylilies dying in the sun that Mother took the time to show me how to plant a few behind the house. Sixty years later those saved lilies are still growing in the yards of we three kids.

• Bridge to Nowhere – And a Tunnel of Lighttember 2018 — Volume 17 Number 12

1953 photos of building Luck Peak Dam and the high bridge over Mores Creek canyon with my eight-year-old memories of sitting on the bridge’s support beams — as well as Mother’s impressions of my scouting out the new tunnel through the dam when a powerhouse was installed in 1984.

• A Final Toast

Idaho Magazine — January 2021 — Volume 20 Number 4

It took three years to clean out my friend Rod Simpson’s home after he passed. The first and then the last items to go were jugs of Old Crow bourbon whiskey. The rest of the time was spent finding museums for music and art collections and dump trucks to empty the house and large shed. Fortunately I was able to dispose of the Old Crow in a way that kept the local dogs from being kicked by frustrated fishermen. 

• Boise Spotlight City

Idaho Magazine — April 2021 — Volume 20 Number 7

Is my community a big town or a small city? From catching pollywogs in the local cattail marsh to 150 unit apartment buildings, I have always enjoyed the best of both.