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• Gay Bars in Boise, Idaho    1976 – 2021

A General and Very Personal History

61-page book

The first gay bar in Boise opened in a space with my stained glass lamps. It was opened by the dentist who had been filling my cavities since grade school and was located right under a funky hotel room where I had come across a very sexy man when I was in junior high. A chapter in the book covers many personal stories from my association with that bar while another chapter covers brief looks at all the bars that have opened over the years. Detailed maps, photos of the buildings in 2021, listings from a national travel guide to establish the years the bars were open and an index are all included. The book also looks at some of the many social clubs and civic contributions that have resulted from open associations between free Americans.  


• Glad to be in Hot Water

13-page book

Geothermal Development in Boise, Idaho, 1890 – 1983

The historic development of domestic geothermal space heating, the water wars that created it, and it’s development to 1983. 

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• Temple of Liberty

104-page book

Boise High School Defines a Frontier Town

Building, heating, and renovating Boise High School.


• The Bible and the Homosexual

15-page pamphlet

Used by the Episcopal Bishop of Idaho to educate his clergy during the 1992 campaign against gay rights.


• What is the Bible?

11-page pamphlet 

A concise history of how the Bible was compiled. 


• Wilson Walks

Available on DVD 

The stories, papers and photographs of the Worbois family in Ustic, Atlanta Idaho, and on Old Highway 55. 

William Wilson, my great great grandfather, sold his farm to the school district for the site of Boise High School. His daughter Diantha married Hiram Saxton and they lived a Saxton Station on the Interurban trolly line two stops before Eagle. Their daughter Lena married James Worbois and eventually lived on the Saxton’s divided farm land on Old Highway 55. Their son Merrill was Idaho Power’s statistician from 1928 until retirement in 1968. He and my mother, Victoria Dahlberg, ran Worbois Rentals on North 29th Street, south of State Street across from Lowell Grade School, renting tractors, trailers, and anything else that caught my dad’s attention. 


• The Dahlbergs in Idaho

Available on DVD 

The stories, papers and photographs of the Dahlberg family in Ustic, King Hill and Boise. My mother Victoria’s side of the family. Eric Dahlberg, a Swedish immigrant, came to Idaho ricking rocks to make retaining walls for the railroad and settled his wife Johanna, also a Swedish, immigrant, and family in Ustic. Their son Alfred was one of the few casualties building Arrowrock Dam. Master masons, Eric and their son Victor were on the crew laying the foundation stones of Diversion Dam as well as many other Boise structures. Their daughters settled around the Ustic area, including Alma, who married Roy Milk and farmed where Cloverdale Nursery is today and Venda, who married Charlie Onwieler, running the Ustic Merc until the mid-1950s. Anna, my grandmother, immigrated from Sweden and while working in Boise when she met Victor. They married and lived in Mountain Home and King Hill before moving to Boise.


Articles published in Idaho Magazine

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“Quotes” are from the Idaho Magazine website.

01 Johnny-Behind-the-Rocks 

October 2006 — Volume 6 Number 1

Idaho has enjoyed the head lines and company of at least two men named Johnny-Behind-the-Rocks. THe records say one met a violent end being hung for having murdered himself (yes!). A woman was involved. The other avoided women altogether (they were “too dirty”) and lived a long, peaceful life until he died at ninety when he was forced to take a bath.

02 Celebration Park

November 2006 — Volume 6 Number 2

“Down along the slumbering banks of the Snake River south of Melba lies Idaho’s first Archeological State Park. Featuring gigantic gravel scattered after the catastrophic draining of Lake Bonneville some 14,500 years ago, an array of petroglyphs left by native tribes over several millennia, the historic Guffey Bridge, and the echoes of Idaho’s mining past, Celebration Park is an interesting and eclectic window into Idaho’s past.” 

03 My Dad’s Milk Toast

February 2007 — Volume 6 Number 5

Getting hungry for a treat from the past.

04 Boise Ground Zero – Eastman Building Site

August 2007 — Volume 6 Number 11

“In its earliest days, Boise was built around the corner of 8th and Main, the heart of town. This was the site of its most prominent hotel, and, later, one of its most important buildings. Over the years of urban renewal nightmares and a revivified downtown, this corner has retained great symbolic importance, even as it remains idle and unoccupied.”

05 June Purcell: Straight Shooter in a Skirt

January 2008 — Volume 7 Number 4

“At a time when the idea of women working outside of the home was controversial, June Purcell was competing in shooting events nationwide—often against men—and winning. Her story is one of perseverance, grace, courage, and character, all wrapped up inside a personality that is a true Idaho original.”

06 A Temple of Light: Restoring Our Beautiful Capitol Building

March 2008 — Volume 7 Number 6

“Idaho’s iconic domed Capitol is, perhaps, the most recognizable building in the state. The seat of government since 1912, it is fast approaching a century of service, and was beginning to show its age. At present, it is undergoing extensive renovations, and, in pictures and words, we have this opportunity to see how the work is progressing.”

07 Wings & Annex: The State Capitol

July 2008 — Volume 7 Number 10

Adding wings to the Capitol and remodeling the Federal Building and the Ada County Courthouse to State offices. “The picturesque and carefully maintained grounds on either side of Idaho’s Statehouse are gone, and an enlarged and renewed Capitol takes shape in their places. We take a look behind the chain link fences to explore the new additions to the old building, and examine the temporary quarters occupied by the Legislature and the displaced state agencies.”

08 House of Stone

November 2008 — Volume 8 Number 2

My Mother’s childhood in their stone house outside of King Hill.

09 Judge Boomer and Me 

May 2009 — Volume 8 Number 8

“Judge Boomer of Valley County and me; guilty as sin, the culprit lunches with His Honor.” 

10 The Kid and the Gun 

November 2010 — Volume 10, Number 2

“A Sheepherder in the 1930s Encounters Backcountry Trouble.”

11 Worst Guy on the Team

April 2011 — Volume 10 Number 7

A basketball highlight is the only good thing to come from my being the last guy chosen in any sport during 10th grade gym class, yet the dreaded requirement led to a lifetime of exercise.

12 A Spirited Teapot

June 2013 — Volume 12, Number 9

A most delightful teapot transforms a rusting water tower in Spirit Lake and expresses a daughter’s love. 

13 King Hill – Spotlight City

August 2013 — Volume 12 Number 11

King Hill and the bizarre irrigation district that crosses the Snake River three times. Many stories reflect the passage of the Oregon Trail, the Kelton Stage and 100 years of creating a desert oasis. Watch a video of a very bizarre canal cleaner in the King Hill Irrigation system at:

14 Riding the Top Twenty-Eight – Weiser River Trail

September 2013 — Volume 12 Number 12

Joining Friends of the Weiser River Trail to ride down the trail’s first twenty-eight miles, through forested canyons to Council.

15 Idaho’s Initial Point

April 2014 — Volume 13 Number 7

Exploring the single point from which all of Idaho is surveyed. 

16 Tumbleweed Tinder

June 2014 — Volume 13 Number 9

Driving over tumbleweeds bursts forth a conflagration. 

17 Conversation with a Fish

February 2015 — Volume 14 Number 5

Goldfish say thanks for timely heat.

18 The Greatest of Ease – Squirrel story
March 2015 — Volume 14 Number 6
A daring squirrel outsmarts my superior bird feeder protection and greatly enjoys my reaction.

19 The Daylilies
August 2015 — Volume 14 Number 11
My little boy heart felt so sorry for some thinned daylilies dying in the sun that my mother took the time to show me how to save a few by planting them behind the house. Sixty years later those saved lilies are growing in the yards of we three kids.  

20 Bridge to Nowhere & A Tunnel of Light

September 2018 — Volume 17 Number 12

1953 photos of building Luck Peak Dam and the high bridge over Mores Creek canyon with my eight-year-old memories of sitting on the bridge’s support beams — as well as Mother’s impressions of my scouting out the new tunnel through the dam when a powerhouse was installed in 1984.

21 A Final Toast

Idaho Magazine — January 2021 — Volume 20 Number 4

It took three years to clean out my friend Rod Simpson’s home after he passed. The first and then the last items to go were jugs of Old Crow bourbon whiskey. The rest of the time was spent finding museums for music and art collections and dump trucks to empty the house and large shed. Fortunately I was able to dispose of the Old Crow in a way that kept the local dogs from being kicked by frustrated fishermen. 

22 Boise Spotlight City

Idaho Magazine — April 2021 — Volume 20 Number 7

Is my community a big town or a small city? From catching pollywogs in the local cattail marsh to 150 unit apartment buildings, I have always enjoyed the best of both.

23 Hollywood Halloween

Idaho Magazine — October 2021 — Volume 21 Number 1

My dad’s 16mm projector provided cartoons, cowboys and interesting Idaho tidbits to the neighborhood kids on Halloween. But TV arrived in 1952 and kids could watch movies anytime so they wanted candy instead.

24 The Revitalizers

Idaho Magazine — April 2022 — Volume 21, Number 7

Dennis and Sandra Cooper recharge downtown Weiser with a folk school of traditional crafts used for survival, beauty and entertainment. The Bee Tree Folk School is soon joined by a castle of a museum with African, European, Idaho and Ohio artifacts, clothing and musical instruments. 

25 Magic Moment

Idaho Magazine — December 2022 — Volume 22, Number 3

The grandest Christmas gift of all turns out to be echos of childhood torture. 


DVD Videos by Dean Worbois

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• Boise High: Temple of Liberty

Two movies cover building and heating the campus and the 1997-1999 renovation. Both 40 minutes.

• The World’s Greatest River Floods

The geologic record indicates the greatest river floods to scour the earth began in Idaho. Bonneville Flood in southeast Idaho drained as much water down the Snake River as half of Lake Michigan. The flood drained the top of Lake Bonneville in Utah. It overflowed the canyon at Twin Falls and took several months. The collapse of ice dams at Clark Fork in the Idaho panhandle drained the same amount of water from Lake Missoula in Montana in about a day and did it over and over, about every 70 years. 29 minutes plus 11 minute consideration of the evidence

• Kelton—Boise Stage & Drive Around the Albions

Two movies. One looks into the stage coaches that ran from Boise to Kelton, at the northern tip of Salt Lake, the closest connection to the railroad. 34 minutes. The other explores the drive around the Albion Mountains including City of Rocks. 54 minutes.  

• Of Poo, You, & the GREAT WAHOO

A concise look at how we treat our sewer water to be clean enough to return to the Boise River. Includes looks at the Boise watershed. 1 hour 32 minutes


Blog — Stories from Hitch Hiking Around The Country, 1969-1972

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Television Shows by Dean Worbois

Available at:

For two years I produced a weekly television variety show for TVCTV, Treasure Valley’s public assess network. I worked solo with a pocket camera and an iMac covering any topic that caught my eye as well as stories of my travels. The website has an Index of Topics in the upper left where you can find topics that interest you and what show they are in. The List of Shows is where you can find the show and click to watch. Creating a half-hours show every week ended up making for lots of things to explorer:

The Beerdrinker’s Guide to the Great Wahoo Index of Topics


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Berlin Wall Fall [#80]

Bibliolatry, Worship of A Book [#2]

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Big Springs – East Idaho [#42]

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Bogus Basin Closing Day, 2009 [#57]

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Green Sex Industry [#88]

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Wishram, Washington [#106]

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Workweek, four days [#79]

World’s Greatest Floods [#47, 48]

Worship of A Book, Bibliolatry [#2]

Worshiping the Moon [#16]


A Budding Romance [#48]

Abortion Bill [#65]

Ages of a Man [#35]

Another Jerk [#104]

Arresting Mom [#63]

Avoid Road Rage [#77]

Becoming More Affectionate [#13]

Best He Could Do [#75]

Bride Needs Advice From Mom [#16]

Broker & Pigeon [#42]

But Honey, It’s Lent! [#52]

Class Reunion [#10]

Come Back When You’re Sober! [#39]

Commandments Sermon [#38]

Cursed Diamond [#46]

Dead Divorce Lawyer [#4]

Dead in a Week [#32]

Diamond vs Porsche [#83]

Dope Peddler [#49]

Dressed for Creation [#101]

Easter Bunny Hides His Eggs [#2]

Engagement Linguistics [#59]

Expensive Fence [#89]

Financial Liquidity [#88]

Fishing With Whiskey [#100]

Fool Works For Farmer Frank [#99]

Forgotten Anniversary Card [#62]

Gave A Bun $100 [#15]

Getting Rid Of The Slackers [#66]

Gold Romance [#31]

Grasshopper walks into a bar [#1]

Higher Power Over Kings & Queens [#68]

Hokey Pokey [#14]

How Humans Got Here [#41]

How to Drive A Man Crazy [#7]

How To Tell Bear Scat [#40]

I’m A Nine! [#47]

I’m Waiting [#94]

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Jesus Gives St. Peter a Break From the Pearly Gates [#5]

Just Can’t Take The Chance [#51]

Keep The Money [#92]

Laundry Labels [#34]

Laundry Love [#73]

Likes Slim Lovers [#43]

Made Husband a Millionaire [#18]

Mudpack Worked! [#21]

Must Not Get Pregnant [#9]

Nice Car, Good Bird [#80]

No Need To Aggravate Anyone [#56]

Peanut Walking [#6]

Pleading Insanity [#33]

Recruited by Three Companies [#67]

Running to the Truck [#8]

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Severance Pay [#53]

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Silent Gas [#105]

Spend It On Booze [#76]

Stoned Koala [#87]

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Teach Her What’s Right [#44]

Tell Her You’re 90! [#3]

That’s My Business [#91]

Thinker & Lover [#11]

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Too Many Issues [#12]

Using Night Clubs [#57]

Viagra Side Effect [#64]

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